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Introduction to Counselling

Emotional and Mental Health

We, at Jiva Center are aware that your overall emotional and mental health determines how you feel, think, react and respond . When the mental and emotional strain you face is ignored, it can develop into something serious and can have long term consequences on health, relationship, career ,goals and even financial conditions. Unfortunately even in our counrty, there is still hesitation attached to seeing a psychologist or counselor to resolve the emotional and mental distress. We believe asking for help is the first step to improving you happiness and overall mental wellbeing. We provide you with a safe and comfortable environment for you to address your concerns....

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Upcoming Events

Children's Workshop
"Jiva Center conducts Personal Growth and Transformation workshops for children and teenagers who would like to have a Super Life, Super Personality, Super Sucess and of course Super Fun!!!!

Parenting Workshop
Jiva Center has been strengthening families by supporting parents to do the most important job in the world!!! Yes - being a Parent. These workshops are aimed to promote self awareness,your confidence and skills whilst going about the challenging role of parenting.

Children Field Trips
We at Jiva Center believe that field trips give children Learning experiences away from their regular school and home environment. Children learn to connect with nature and themselves which enhances their overall sense of well being and purpose.